Photos: Aimee Copeland goes home

Updated 10:51 PM ET, Wed August 22, 2012
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Aimee Copeland and family meet with interior designer Donna DeLuca to personalize a 1,956-square-feet home addition to their home, courtesy of Pulte Homes on July 16. Copeland, 24, went home on Wednesday, August 22, after spending two months in the hospital and then moving to rehab on July 2. courtesy Pulte Homes
Copeland's family home had a makeover to be equipped for her special needs. John Bonifield/CNN
Flesh-eating bacteria patient Aimee Copeland goes outside Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, for the first time with her parents, Andy and Donna Copeland, on June 25. Courtesy Andy Copeland
After two months in the hospital, Aimee Copeland is transferred into an ambulance outside Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, on Monday to continue her recovery from a flesh-eating bacteria at a rehab facility on July 2. She stayed in a rehab center before returning home. From Andy Copeland
Medical workers prepare Copeland for release from the hospital as her mother, Donna Copeland, waits alongside. "She's been seeing those four walls inside that hospital for a long time," said Andy Copeland, her father. From Andy Copeland
Donna Copeland applies makeup to her daughter's face as they prepare for discharge Monday. Surgeons amputated most of Aimee's hands, one of her legs and her remaining foot in an effort to stay ahead of the infection. From Andy Copeland
Copeland is transported to a waiting ambulance, which took her to a rehab facility before she returned home. From Andy Copeland
Copeland bids farewell to Doctors Hospital, where she spent two months receiving treatment. From Andy Copeland
Copeland's battle began when she cut her leg on a makeshift zip line along the Little Tallapoosa River in Georgia on May 1. From Andy Copeland
Copeland waves goodbye to Doctors Hospital. From Andy Copeland
"Aimee is very excited, like a kid going off to college," her father, Andy, said Monday, "but she also realizes that rehab will be arduous. But she says she will handle it." From Andy Copeland
Aimee Copeland, left, with her family before her injuries in an undated photograph. Courtesy Copeland Family