Newark mayor says he helped injured pedestrian

Story highlights

  • Cory Booker carried a woman out of a burning building in April
  • He says on Twitter that he helped stabilize man hit by vehicle
  • The man ran into traffic, Booker says
Cory Booker, the Newark, New Jersey, mayor who in April carried a woman out of a burning building, may have been involved in another incident, this time involving a pedestrian who was apparently struck by a vehicle.
"God bless my residents," Booker posted on Twitter on Friday. "Pulled up on pedestrian/vehicle accident. We got man stabilized & into ambulance. He'll b OK. Thanx 2 all who helped."
The mayor added, "I appreciate the driver. Man ran into traffic. Driver did the right thing & stayed & helped me & others aid man until medical help arrived."
Newark police could not be immediately reached for comment.