Who's to blame for weak recovery?



    Who is to blame for the weak economy?


Who is to blame for the weak economy? 03:04

It doesn't matter who wins the White House in November; the next president will not save the economy.

Our problems are global, structural, and decades in the making. That presents a tremendous challenge for President Obama.
According to a new bankrate.com poll, 6 in 10 Americans say their personal finances will be an important factor when deciding who to vote for in November.
    President Obama didn't break this economy, but he has not fixed it either. There can be no doubt -- the recovery is ailing: GDP growth has slowed, home prices are still looking for a bottom and hiring has slowed down.
    Wall Street Journal writer Stephen Moore and Sirius XM Stand UP's host Pete Dominick disagree on who's to blame. Christine Romans moderates.
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