Minding your portfolio in uncertain times

Greek voters picked the pro-bailout party in Sunday’s elections.  But stocks ended mixed on Monday after a day of choppy trading.  Why?  Serious questions remain about broader problems in Europe, like Spain.

Despite early gains today, U.S. markets have been jittery of late.  The S&P 500 is still down more than 3 percent over the past 3 months, and economists warn the U.S.economy is still very fragile.
“We might be hit by another hammer blow coming from Europe,” says Harvard economics professor, Ken Rogoff, former chief economist for the IMF.  “So even if you don't know that the meteor is going to hit,” he says, “you're sort of hiding and worrying about it.”
But you shouldn’t hide.  There are some simple things you can do to protect your money right now.
    Here's a checklist:  Check in on your investments regularly. Make sure you are allocated properly and taking the right risks for your age group and time horizon. And rebalance periodically.  Check out this calculator to help you.  Don’t wait for a crisis to make a move.