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As energy ministers gather for the 161st OPEC meeting, this week MME puts a spotlight on the international oil industry

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  • As energy ministers gather in Vienna for OPEC Meeting, MME looks at oil prices
  • Despite not having much oil wealth, Bahrain plans to boost its production
  • Bahrain's energy minister tells MME the output will double over the next five years
IN FOCUS: Oil Price at OPEC

This week Marketplace Middle East is in Vienna, where energy ministers gathered for the 161st OPEC Meeting. Several issues are being discussed, but MME takes a look at one of the most deliberated -- the price of oil.

FACETIME: Abdul-Hussain Ali Mirza

Unlike its neighbors, the Kingdom of Bahrain doesn't have much oil wealth. Nevertheless the country is going to boost its production. MME spoke to Bahrain's energy minister who says that they're planning to double production over the next five years.

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