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Walker: 'Time to move Wisconsin forward'

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There have been three gubernatorial recall elections in U.S. history

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is the only one to keep his job

Walker and his supporters raised $30.5 million in recall fight

His Democratic opponent, Tom Barrett, and his backers raised $4 million

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In a political battle where fiscal conservatives faced off against the labor movement, Wisconsin held a closely watched gubernatorial recall election this week.

By the numbers, here’s a look at the Wisconsin recall.

3 – Gubernatorial recall elections in U.S. history.

2 – Governors who were removed from office after a recall: California Gov. Gray Davis in 2003 and North Dakota Gov. Lynn Frazier in 1921.

Exit polls: Wisconsin recall

1 – Governor who kept his job after a recall: Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

Walker’s win could spur more to take on unions

19 – Number of states permitting the recall of state officials.

540,208 – The number of petition signatures required in Wisconsin for a recall election for governor or lieutenant governor.

900,939 – The number of valid signatures received by the Committee to Recall Scott Walker.

$30.5 million – Amount raised by Walker and his Republican supporters.

Walker’s Wisconsin win big blow to unions

$4 million – Amount raised by his Democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and his supporters.

53 – Percentage that voted for Walker.

46 – Percentage that voted for Barrett.

16 – Wisconsin state senators who refused to appear at the Capitol in February 2011 to vote on a controversial bill about collective bargaining for public workers. Some of these lawmakers went into hiding in Illinois.

1987 – Year the popular (and super-dorky) Wisconsin “Cheesehead” foam hat was invented.

$3.6 billion – Amount of Wisconsin’s deficit when Walker took office in January 2011.

26.3 gallons – Per capita beer consumption in Wisconsin in 2010.

56 – Percentage in Wisconsin that voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election.

Analysis: Wisconsin now less easy for Obama

43 – Percentage that voted for GOP candidate John McCain.

1 – Number of times Barrett was slapped before his concession speech Tuesday night.