Jennifer Li: A woman to watch in technology

Updated 11:40 AM ET, Tue June 5, 2012
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Baidu's Jennifer Li offers some tough love: "We as women, we need to start and act; not thinking about the issues -- because I feel gender in the work environment should not be a factor when it comes to how far you can go." Stefen Chow/Bloomberg via Getty Images
She says China's level playing field helps women, but "I think (becoming) a female executive is more about what it takes to be (an) executive, less so about being a female." AFP/Getty Images
Li pictured during her first few days at Baidu in 2008, then a young, fast-growing company. "When I joined the company, we had about 6,000 people, now we have 16,000 people, so the company -- throughout the past four years -- has transformed tremendously."
Forbes Magazine has highlighted Li as a female power player to watch in Asia. The accolades don't come without hard work: Li says she works a 10-hour day on average.
Jennifer Li (center) takes part in a Financial Times discussion on the topic of women at the top of business.
Li, second from left, celebrates the 5th anniversary of Baidu's IPO. Today the company is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange and is valued at close to $32 billion. Nelson Ching/Bloomberg via Getty Images