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iReporter Alex Rhinehart, center, and Tony O'Brian held their wedding ceremony in a San Francisco park in May 2011, though same-sex marriage was not legal in California at the time. The pair led their guests to the summit of a cliff for the ceremony in lieu of a traditional wedding march -- using the spot to represent their union: "a place so old and solid with such a promising view of the horizon beyond." Courtesy Crystal Macias
Alex and Tony wanted to keep their wedding simple and inexpensive: They made picnic lunches for guests and painted wooden dolls in their likeness for cake toppers. Courtesy Crystal Macias
The son of iReporter Angela Cloninger (right) walked her down the aisle to meet her partner, Barbara, in a wedding ceremony almost three years ago in Asheboro, North Carolina. A few days later, they legally married on courthouse grounds in Washington, D.C. North Carolina voters recently amended the state constitution to make same-sex marriage illegal. Courtesy Angela Cloninger
iReporter Valezka Taylor decided to adopt a sailor theme so her mate, Sami, could wear her Coast Guard uniform. They were inspired to get married after "don't ask, don't tell" was repealed, but it took an extra nudge from her teenage daughter to set the wheels in motion. Valezka's daughter and her aunt were bridesmaids; they wore red and blue to match the sailor theme. Courtesy Bong Lee
Sami, a boat mechanic in the U.S. Coast Guard, wore her dress blues for their April ceremony in front of the Constitutional Garden in Washington. Courtesy Bong Lee
Ra'Shawn (right) and Kelvin Barlow-Flournoy combined their last names after marrying last year at Howard University School of Divinity in Washington. They married during a Sunday service that was streamed online and viewed by more than 400 people. Both are pastors, and Ra'Shawn is an HIV prevention coordinator for a church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Courtesy Emile Benjamin
Ra'Shawn and Kelvin have worked with Human Rights Campaign to spread the word that people of faith can be advocates for gay and lesbian rights. They married during a trip to the Capitol as part of HRC's Clergy Call. Courtesy Emile Benjamin
Kevin Haubrick, left, met his husband Mike online in 2009. It quickly became clear to Mike that Kevin was "the one" when he saw Kevin interact with his daughter, Elizabeth. The pair wed at a bed and breakfast in Arlington, Vermont, the following year in the presence of friends who helped Kevin create his online profile. Courtesy Kevin Haubrick
After the ceremony, they had dinner and cake complete with a customized wedding topper. The following month, Mike and Kevin held a wedding reception in their home city of San Antonio for friends and family. Courtesy Kevin Haubrick
Craig Woodward (left) proposed to Scott Norton by the ocean at Laguna Beach, California, and surprised him by having all his family and friends there to share it. Courtesy Katie Keller Photography
Scott and Craig were married in California in front of 100 friends and family. The minister did a reading of Dr. Seuss and the wedding party members boogied down the aisle, each to a personalized song. Here, their friend Chris Williams catwalks down the aisle to "I'm Every Woman" by Whitney Houston. Courtesy Scott Norton