Tenn. mosque ordered to cease and desist construction, spokesman says he thinks it was 'singled out' for its faith

exp point sbenaty murfreesboro_00002001
exp point sbenaty murfreesboro_00002001


    Sbenaty:We are singled out for our faith


Sbenaty:We are singled out for our faith 02:54

Last year, Soledad visted the town of Murfreesboro, Tennessee outside Nashville to report on a local mosque-building controversy. Reminiscent of such occasions as the 2010 "Ground Zero Mosque" outrage in New York, her report prompted the obvious question: What is the state of American tolerance?

A Tennessee judge ruled yesterday that construction of the new Islamic Center of Murfreesboro must be halted because the city wasn't given enough notice of the project, rendering permits invalid.
Saleh Sbenaty, spokesman for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, talks with Soledad about his concerns this morning on "Starting Point."
"We have a church next door, and they have applied thorugh the same process, and they were approved through the same process," Sbenaty says. "I"m not sure why we would be any different. We're just American citizens, as everybody else. Why are we singled out?"
    See the rest of the interview in the clip above.