Raquel Perera married singer-songwriter Alejandro Sanz.

Story highlights

Alejandro Sanz and Raquel Perera marry in Barcelona

The newlyweds baptize their son, Dylan, days later

Sanz was born in Madrid and raised in the country's southern Andalusia region

Sanz's popular music is inspired by Spain's flamenco tradition

CNN  — 

Spaniard pop singer Alejandro Sanz has married Raquel Perera in a private ceremony in Barcelona, Spain, the couple announced Wednesday.

The newlyweds, who married on May 23, then baptized their son, Dylan, on Saturday, the parents said in a statement.

“It was a very beautiful day, unique and moving and everything went as we had dreamed,” the couple said in a statement about their wedding.

Sanz, 43, who was born in Madrid and raised in Cadiz in the Andalusia area of Spain, is a singer-songwriter and guitarist known for his flamenco-inspired music.

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