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Hikers, goat crack Chicago Cubs curse?

Back in 1945, Chicago tavern owner Billy Sianis was kicked out of a Cubs World Series game after fans complained that his goat smelled. Sianis, who was outraged, declared “them Cubs, they aren’t gonna win no more.”

And by chance, or by curse, the Cubs haven’t won since. Since 1945, the Cubs haven’t played in a single World Series game, let alone win one.

Now, five guys and a goat are working to overturn that curse. They just finished a 1,300-mile trek across the country - all in an effort to get the Cubs to win a World Series, and to raise money for cancer.

The “Crack the Curse” hikers – Matt Gregory, PJ Fisher, Blake Ferrell, Philip Aldrich, Kyle Townsend and goat “Wrigley” – talk with Soledad this morning on how they hope to break the Chicago Cubs curse and on all the money they raised in their effort.

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Group, goat hike to break Cubs curse