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Saul: Romney learned from his mistakes

Well, today could be the day that Mitt Romney officially clinches the GOP presidential nomination as Texas voters will head to the polls to choose their candidate in that state’s primary.

Governor Romney has 1,066 delegates, which means he’s just 78 delegates shy of 1,144 needed to win. Texas has 155 delegates up for grabs. The governor is spending the day outside the lone star state.

Though he’s campaigning in both Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada, he has speeches planned focusing on the economy and jobs, and also a cameo from Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich in the state of Nevada.

Andrea Saul, press secretary for the Romney campaign, talks with Soledad this morning on her candidate’s track record of job creation.

“What we can see is Governor Romney has 25 years of experience as a businessman and entrepreneur creating jobs,” Saul says. “The only thing President Obama has managed is his own narrative. Governor Romney has the experience, he’s learned from his successes and failures. And he created more jobs at Bain Capital or helped create more jobs at Bain Capital than President Obama has in the entire nation as president.”

When pressed to list specific examples of failures or mistakes that Mitt Romney has learned from, Saul says she doesn’t have specifics.

“Not every business is successful,” Saul says. “He had successes, he had failures. I don’t have any specific examples to pass on, but there’re going to be ups and downs…and anybody in the private sector understands that.”

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Saul: Romney's 'solid' job creation