George Harrison of The Beatles is show here in the early '60s.

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The new album is a companion to the 2011 Scorsese documentary on Harriosn

Six of the 10 outtakes from from Harrison's 1970 album All Things Must Pass

There are Bib Dylan and Everyl Brothers covers

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Even with just 10 tracks and no session details, this companion to Martin Scorsese’s 2011 documentary deserves a brass–band welcome.

Six outtakes come from the presumptuous stages of George Harrison’s 1970 triumph, “All Things Must Pass,” including a sweet–Nashville reading of “Behind That Locked Door,” “My Sweet Lord” as acoustic hosanna and a demo of the title song that betrays its roots in the band’s frontier hymnal.

The Bob Dylan and Everly Brothers covers have more sheen but also the intimate grace of the quiet Beatle’s seventies solo prime. This set’s subtitle suggests there are more rarities to come; based on the quality here, I propose a full–blown Anthology.

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