Photos paint horrific scene following massacre in Houla

Story highlights

Images from news outlets show bodies of slain children

Syria limiting access of foreign journalists as violence continues

Many images from Houla are too disturbing for CNN's audience

CNN  — 

With Syria limiting access to foreign journalists, Western media outlets are largely relying on amateur photos and videos to tell the story of violence on the ground.

CNN, which is working to vet a wealth of material coming out of Syria, has obtained numerous graphic images of victims. Many of these cannot be aired or published because they depict scenes that could be too disturbing for the network’s audience.

The above gallery is a small collection of photographs, mostly from the Damascus-based Shaam News Network, an opposition media outlet.

While the images contain disturbing scenes – including slain children and a mass burial – they help paint a portrait of the situation in Syria, which grew dramatically more violent Friday when dozens were massacred in the city of Houla.

President Bashar al-Assad’s regime insists it was not behind the massacre and blames terrorist groups. Opposition leaders say the massacre is the latest in Syria’s crackdown against protesters.