03:05 - Source: CNN
Cook on the latest violence in Syria.

Steven Cook, Sr. Fellow of Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations is live at the DC Bureau reporting on the latest outburst of violence in Syria.

Cook says the massive killings “could potentially put pressure on the Russians and the international community at large.”  There is an ongoing debate as to whether the United States, Russia, or other countries should intervene in the chaos. Senator John McCain spoke out about the conflict on FOX News. “Horrible things are happening in Syria,” McCain said. “This administration has a feckless foreign policy which abandons American leadership.”

Cooke says that engaging in a military operation in Syria would not be easy, citing unclear opposition leadership and the Syrian military that is likely to fight back. Cooke continues that unlike Libya, sending military forces into Syria could cause instibility to spill over the country’s borders into neighboring areas.