03:10 - Source: CNN
'Arousal addiction' hurting men?

Where have all the good men gone? Nikita Duncan, psychologist, artist, and recent author, joins Starting Point today to offer her answer to that question: blame male struggles on video games and porn.

Together with Stanford professor emeritus and fellow psychologist Philip Zimbardo, Duncan authored the e-book “The Demise of Guys: Why Boys Are Struggling and What We Can Do About It,” released on Wednesday.

As stated in the book, by age 21, the average guy has immersed himself in approximately 10,000 hours of video games – the equivalent of the amount of time it takes to earn two Bachelors degrees.

Duncan says that the digital era is literally rewiring how the male brain functions and creating a generation with an unprecedented addiction – to arousal.

Unlike drug or alcohol addicts, an arousal addict doesn’t merely crave arousal each time, Duncan argues. Instead, he craves novelty: something new, something better, something different.

Duncan stresses that this mindset can be highly damaging to an individual’s interactions and relationships.

“If you watch excessive amounts of porn, you’re going to find it hard to have real life relationships, because you’re developing your sexuality independently of real people,” Duncan explains. “You’re not going to be stimulated.”