Some worry the growing influence of Islamists in Egypt's government could lead to alcohol being banned.

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Egypt's tourism industry seems to be improving as tourists return to the nation

There are concerns the government might impose strict rules like the ban of alcohol

MME sits down with Air Arabia CEO Adel Ali to discuss the low-cost carrier's expansion

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IN FOCUS: Egypt’s Economic Concerns

Egypt’s revolution struck a hammer blow to the nation’s economy. More than a year later, the outlook is starting to look more positive with holidaymakers returning to the country.

But some in the tourism industry remain worried. They fear the growing influence of Islamists in the government may lead to strict rules like the ban of alcohol. MME takes a closer look at Egypt’s wine-making industry.

FACETIME: Adel Ali, Air Arabia CEO

The UAE is home of the region’s first low-cost airline – Air Arabia. Operations began in 2003 and now other low-cost carriers have come onto the market.

Air Arabia now has a fleet of 30 planes despite high fuel costs. MME sat down with the CEO, Adel Ali.

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