Mexican police arrest suspect in U.S. journalist's killing

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  • Bradley Will was shot to death at a 2006 protest
  • Prosecutors say a resident of the area where he was filming a protest killed him
  • The 36-year-old freelance journalist had been covering a protest movement
  • Another man was accused of the killing, but released after a court cleared him in 2010
Mexican authorities have arrested a man they say shot an American freelance journalist to death at a 2006 protest, state media reported.
A man who lived near the area where Bradley Will was shot while filming a demonstration is accused in the killing, the state-run Notimex news agency said, citing a state prosecutor.
Human rights investigators, forensic analysis and witness interviews pointed to Lenin Osorio Ortega as the suspected killer, Oaxaca state prosecutor Manuel de Jesus Lopez said, according to Notimex.
Osorio's arrest is not the first in the case.
In 2008, a protester who had been participating in the demonstration was arrested and accused of killing Will. He was released in 2010 after a federal appeals court cleared him in the killing.
Dangers faced by journalists in Mexico
Dangers faced by journalists in Mexico


    Dangers faced by journalists in Mexico


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Will, a 36-year-old documentary filmmaker who had been living in New York, was among three people killed when gunmen opened fire on teachers who were protesting against the government in the southern state capital of Oaxaca.
He was covering the resistance by teachers and other workers who had protested for months in Oaxaca, barricading streets, occupying government buildings and calling for the governor to be ousted.
Will was shot in the stomach and died before reaching a Red Cross station.