This morning, “Starting Point” is live at 7am Eastern. Soledad O’Brien will talk with our panelists, columnist Will Cain, “American Individualism” author Margaret Hoover,  and Roland Martin, host of “Washington Watch with Roland Martin.” Our panel will be talking about the following top stories:

* Regulators eye Morgan Stanley’s pre-Facebook IPO actions

Biden: To profit is legitimate, but Bain is poor argument for Romney

Egyptians vote in historic presidential elections

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[UPDATED 7:04am ET] Former managing director of Bain Capital Ed Conard says that the idea that business leaders wouldn’t great leaders for our country is “a little far-fetched.” Conard rejects the idea that companies like Bain are predominantly concerned with making money, saying “you can’t be successful with investors if you aren’t successful with customers.”

[UPDATED 7:10am ET] Sen. Ron Johnson calls the Secret Service prostitution scandal a “sad revelation” and says that he’s interested in finding out how pervasive this type of attitude is at today’s hearing. Johnson says that he wants to make sure that we “won’t have a drip, drip, drip of similar incidents coming out in the next few months.”

[UPDATED 7:31am ET] Reporting from Cairo, Rep. David Dreier says that noone knows who’s going to win the Egyptian election because there’s a wide range of views across the country. However, Rep. Dreier says that the U.S. looks forward to working with whoever is elected and emphasizes the “important, strategic” relationship between Egypt and America.

[UPDATED 7:45am ET] Sports Illustrated reporters David Epstein and Pablo Torre discuss transgender athlete Keelin Godsey’s quest to join the Olympics track team, explaining that there is not much scientific information about transgender athletes and no uniformity about how to judge the gender category in which they will participate.

[UPDATED 8:07am ET] Christine Romans says that Facebook’s trouble with their IPO is “an existential crisis for social media companies.”

[UPDATED 8:22am ET] Rep. Peter King explains that he was “very concerned” about yesterday’s U.S. airways scare because this is a strategy that the Department of Homeland Security has been focusing on. Regarding the new movie about Osama Bin Laden, Rep. King says that he is worried that there is “too much cooperation and collaboration” between Hollywood, the Obama administration and the military.