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Rep. King talks U.S. Airways bomb scare

After a French woman handed a note declaring that she had a “device” implanted under her skin to a flight attendant on US Flight 787 yesterday, the plane made an emergency landing in Maine.

Passengers were told that the plane was landing to refuel after experiencing strong headwinds. In-flight, doctors searched the woman and found no recents scars that would indicate a “body-bomb.”

Nevertheless, the 179 passengers and nine crew members aboard were greeted by law enforcement upon landing. The woman in question, who had been flying alone without luggage, was arrested and is reportedly undergoing psychological evaluation.

On Starting Point this morning, Rep. Peter King says he was “very concerned” about the situation because terrorists have been exploring the potential use of “body-bombs.”

King insists that the fact that the woman was traveling alone for ten days without luggage should have raised suspicions, saying,  “I think she should have been taken aside and at least given what we call a secondary screening.”

King also weighs in on an upcoming movie about Osama Bin Laden, saying that although he gives the Obama administration “tremendous credit” for killing the terrorist, he’s concerned about the degree of “cooperation and collaboration” between Hollywood and the administration.

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Rep. King explains OBL movie concerns