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Fmr. Bain director discusses company

A new ad was released yesterday once again attacking Mitt Romney for his tenure at Bain Capital.

While Romney and his supporters say the candidate’s time at Bain qualifies him to turn America’s struggling economy around, Vice President Biden argued otherwise yesterday, saying that Romney’s investment-firm background no more qualifies him to serve as president than would experience working as a plumber.

On Starting Point this morning, Bain Capital’s former managing director Ed Conard defends Romney’s record and explains why he believes business executives would make great leaders.

Responding to criticism that companies like Bain are more concerned with making money than creating jobs, Conard says, “It’s half true that companies and Bain Capital work for investors, but more importantly they work for customers and you can’t be successful with investors if you’re not successful with customers.”

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Fmr. Bain director talks income gap