03:06 - Source: CNN
Alice Eve discusses 'Men In Black 3'

Actress Alice Eve wanted Soledad to know one thing when she first stepped into the Starting Point studio this morning: the spectacular blonde hairstyle for her latest film is, in fact, her own hair.

On today’s show, the “Men In Black 3” leading lady discusses the experience of working with seasoned stars Will Smith and Josh Brolin.

Eve plays the young Emma Thompson in the blockbuster trilogy’s final installment. She also starred as Emily Hamilton, the love interest of Edgar Allen Poe (played by John Cusack), in last month’s “The Raven.”

Eve says she’s no stranger to learning how to fit in; a good thing, considering she’s new to the MIB series. She went to nine different schools during her educational career: “I swapped accents and cultures – and dress codes,” Eve says, laughing.

The first “Men In Black,” released in 1997, grossed close to $251 million domestically; the sequel, released in 2002, brought in about $190 million. “Men In Black 3” hits theaters this Friday.