Sen. Carl Levin: Counterfeit military parts pose 'significant safety risk'

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Levin fake parts china_00003112


    Sen. Levin talks counterfeit part risk


Sen. Levin talks counterfeit part risk 02:57

Because of a recent surge of counterfeit military parts-- such as pieces of equipment used in aircrafts-- the Senate Armed Services Committee has adopted new legislation to change the procedural laws for buying new or refurbished parts.

Senator Carl Levin joins Starting Point this morning to explain the details of the new law, which he has been working on alongside Sen. John McCain.
Levin explains that the news laws say that parts can only be bought from contracted, authorized distributors or certified suppliers and dictates that suppliers will be responsible for their own repairs.
Regarding the threat posed by the counterfeit parts, Levin explains that the problem occurs almost exclusively with equipment produced in China, and poses a "significant" safety threat to the nation.