Gloria Estefan on playing Santana's mom in 'Glee' finale

A still from the season finale of "Glee" with Gloria Estefan (right).

Story highlights

  • Gloria Estefan is finally making her first appearance in the "Glee" season finale
  • She will plays Santana's mother Maribel Lopez
  • "She's supportive of her daughter," Estefan told EW
It was last fall when EW originally broke the news that pop superstar Gloria Estefan would be appearing on "Glee" as Santana's mother, Maribel Lopez.
Now, Estefan is finally making her first appearance in the season finale! Sadly, Gleeks, the singer won't be carrying a tune in the episode, fittingly titled "Goodbye," which finds McKinley's seniors graduating.
"I don't sing on the show but I kinda think that's better because I think that would throw fans," says Estefan. "Hopefully, we can come back and do the singing. But I love to be on there and establishing a character."
EW talked to Estefan about her character's relationship with Santana as well as her favorite "Glee" number of all time -- the answer may surprise you!
Entertainment Weekly: How did this come about?
Gloria Estefan: First, we went to visit the set on the last season. My son lived out in LA and we were visiting. We were all a big fans so we finagled our way on the set.
EW: Did you guys wear disguises?
Estefan: No no! We were in the same room. I met Naya Rivera and I met Chris [Colfer] and Kevin McHale. I know Emilio had been talking with the music people on the show and stuff about different things. But then Ryan [Murphy] reached out to me to play Santana Lopez's mom and I was thrilled because I t