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2 counts of especially aggravating kidnapping added against Mary Frances Mayes

"She remains confused," her lawyer says

Her son, Adam Mayes, killed himself when confronted by police on May 10

Adam Mayes ex-wife faces two counts of first degree murder, two counts of kidnapping

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Two Tennessee women accused of helping Adam Mayes in last month’s kidnapping of Jo Ann Bain and her three daughters appeared briefly in court Tuesday, but their preliminary hearing was delayed until next month.

Bain and her oldest daughter were found dead in shallow graves on May 4, but the two youngest children were rescued alive after Mayes killed himself when confronted by law enforcement on May 10. Jo Ann Bain’s husband reported her and their daughters missing on April 27.

Two counts of especially aggravating kidnapping were added to the four counts of conspiracy to commit especially aggravating kidnapping against Mary Frances Mayes, the 64-year-old mother of Adam Mayes. Her bond was increased from $300,000 to $500,000.

No efforts are being made to bail her out because the family is “beyond indigent,” her lawyer said.

“She remains confused,” Attorney Terry Dycus said. “She’s scared and she doesn’t understand why she is being charged.”

Still, she is sleeping well in jail because with Adam Mayes dead, she is free “of the terror her son has inflicted upon her,” Dycus said.

Her lawyer said he is exploring using evidence of domestic abuse against her by her son as a possible defense.

The preliminary hearing for her and Teresa Ann Mayes, her son’s ex-wife, was delayed until June 19, because psychological exam results for the women were not ready, according to District Attorney Michael Dunavant.

Teresa Ann Mayes is charged with two counts of first degree murder and two counts of especially aggravating kidnapping.

HLN’s Natisha Lance contributed to this report.