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Civil rights leader promotes nonviolence

Congressman John Lewis was only twenty five years old when he led the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge that later became known as “Bloody Sunday” because of the brutal attack that ensued against the protesters by police.

In the name of civil rights, Rep. Lewis was arrested more than forty times and endured numerous attacks from angry mobs and law enforcement officers.

The Georgia Democrat shares the lessons he learned from the civil rights movement in his new book “Across that bridge: Life lessons and a vision for change,” which he discusses on Starting Point this morning.

Congressman Lewis also rejects the idea that African Americans are opposed to same-sex marriage, and responds to recent laws concerning voting rights passed by various states.

“There is a systematic, deliberate effort to take us back to another period and make it harder and more difficult for young people, seniors and the disabled community to participate in the democratic process,” Rep. Lewis says.

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Lewis talks marriage and voting rights