The Oregon Board of Education has voted to ban Native American mascots at schools across Oregon.

By the CNN Wire Staff

(CNN) – Public schools in Oregon must discontinue the use of Native American names, symbols or images as mascots following a State Board of Education vote.

Prohibited names include, “Redskins,” “Savages,” “Indians,” “Indianettes,” “Chiefs” and “Braves,” the board said in a statement Thursday.

The board by a 5-1 vote adopted the rule and gave schools until July 2017 to comply.

“I do not believe any of our schools with Native American mascots intended to be disrespectful,” state Superintendent Susan Castillo said in a statement. “Our role as educators needs to be to create a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for all of our students — an environment which honors them for who they are as individuals with a rich and varied cultural history. We can no longer accept these stereotypical images for the sake of tradition — not when they are hurting our kids.”

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