03:07 - Source: CNN
Congress to talk terrorist finances

Congress will be setting aside it’s own budget woes this morning to take a look at the funding of another organization’s finances - Al Qaeda.

The  Counterterrorism Subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Patrick Meehan, is holding a hearing today to examine the funding of terrorist networks and to investigate how the U.S. can trace money to foil future plots.

Rep. Meehan joins Starting Point today to explain the purpose of the hearing, saying, “the schemes that are being used are what we need to be able to identify, as [terrorist organizations] have changed their tactics.”

When asked about where the majority of terrorist funding comes from, Meehan responds that “the most critical organization is Iran and the support of their proxies like Hezbollah.” However, Meehan acknowledges that sanctions are “making it difficult for Iran to have the excess cash to send around” to those networks.