David Cassidy discusses his mother's struggle with Alzheimer's disease

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exp cassidy alzheimers_00002001


    David Cassidy on his mom and Alzheimer's


David Cassidy on his mom and Alzheimer's 03:01

“The Partridge Family” star and musician David Cassidy is speaking out in support of the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America in honor of his mother, who is struggling with the disease.

Although he was known for his big television family, and was actually the step-son of his TV mom Shirley Jones, Cassidy is his mother's only son. Her mind started to disappear about 10 years ago, right around the time her husband died. Now, she has severe dementia, and Cassidy stresses on Starting Point today how crucial companionship has been to fighting the progression of the disease.
“This is terribly important for someone experiencing it with a family member or friends, companionship is essential; keeping them present and being,” Cassidy explains.
Cassidy’s mother still recognizes him, but she has been found wandering around at night, lost.
    To help other people avoid this scary situation, Cassidy is speaking out and spreading awareness about the disease. He says that the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America can be a great source for solutions for the disease that he refers to as an "epidemic."