03:25 - Source: CNN
Van Hollen: 'No doubt' we need debt plan

The partisan battle over the debt ceiling has reared it’s head in Congress again this week, and lawmakers remain divided over how best to address America’s deficit.

Yesterday, Speaker Boehner’s office told President Obama that he would “not allow a debt ceiling increase without doing something serious about the debt.”

Rep. Chris Van Hollen joins Starting Point this morning to respond to Speaker Boehner’s comments and the continued gridlock over deficit reduction, saying “I don’t know why the Speaker of the House wants to replay this movie.”

“It didn’t have a good ending last time around and it probably won’t have a good ending this time around if [Boehner] insists on drawing lines in the sand,” Van Hollen says.

Rep. Van Hollen also comments on the House Republican budget, saying that the plan “would require that we increase the debt ceiling by $5.2 trillion over the next ten years, so [Boehner’s] own budget violates the very rule he’s laid out.”

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Van Hollen on battle over U.S. budget