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Hensarling: Debt ceiling 'opportunity'

Less than a year after the bitter deficit showdown that led America to the brink of government shutdown, Congress appears to already be in a partisan gridlock over how to address the same issue.

Yesterday, Speaker Boehner rejected the idea that he would consider raising the debt ceiling without “doing something serious about the debt,” an idea that is supported by the Speaker’s colleague Rep. Jeb Hensarling.

Rep. Hensarling explains his support for Boehner on Starting Point this morning, saying “The Speaker says we’re not going to do business as usual in Washington and we applauded his leadership for the first time when he said that the debt ceiling is not something to be ignored. This is an opportunity to put reforms in place.”

Hensarling rejects Will Cain’s suggestion that last year’s debate caused jitters in the debt market, calling the notion a “red herring” and saying that “the threat to our credit rating doesn’t come from the debate over a debt ceiling vote, it comes from the fact that we are spending money we don’t have.”

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