Betty White roast: Superlatives for the most super ninetysomething of all

Betty White's roast ceremony had some pleasant surprises.

Story highlights

  • The stars mostly kept it clean for Betty White's roast
  • Bethenny Frankel ran down a list of things she and White have in common
  • Jeffrey Ross called White "the only person who truly saw Titanic in 3-D"
Betty White's recent roast was handled with more delicacy than most.
After all, America's adopted grandmother is 90 years old. That said, she's still intimidating, considering her boundless energy and eighth-decade career resurgence. Indeed, even Uggie from "The Artist" showed signs of stage fright during an interview with roastmaster Barbara Walters. From the red carpet to the roasting dais, the stars mostly kept it clean for the beatific blonde, but never fear. I'll skip the sanitized bits and get right to the good stuff. Click through to find out who was best, worst, and most surprising at White's roast.
Most pleasant surprise: Bethenny Frankel. That's not to say the Skinnygirl's jokes lacked bite. She ran down a list of things she and White have in common. Among them, alcohol: "I invented the Skinnygirl Margarita. She invented Prohibition." Still, it was nice to see the reality maven use her razor tongue to get a laugh instead of to bust her husband's b***s. Even better, before Frankel even began, White asked to borrow the youngster's sky-high stiletto, pointed at the heel, looked at the audience, and improvised, "This is longer than most of the men here." Zing!
Least pleasant surprise: Lisa Lampanelli. And I mean that as a compliment. The brassy comic, who was just fired from "The Celebrity Apprentice," showed up unannounced to school the rest of the roasters on how an insult is really dished out.
Most cringe-inducing roast: I love "The Office's" Oscar Nuñez, but his out-of-nowhere jokes about how the last living "Golden Girl" is a racist abortion addict were met with uncomfortable silence. He would have done better to give White the same lap dance he gave to Sandra Bullock in "The Proposal."
Go-to audience morale booster: Abe Vigoda reaction shots. Obviously.
Best topical references
-- There were not one, not two, but three shout-outs to John Travolta's recent sex scandal, th