03:31 - Source: CNN
Rogers: TSA needs to be smarter, tougher

According to the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general, the TSA is failing to adequately report airport security breaches and took action to fix only 42% of the breaches reported at Newark airport.

Congress is holding a hearing on airport security this afternoon chaired by Rep. Mike Rogers, who joins Starting Point this morning to explain the purpose of the meeting.

“The TSA can’t come up with mechanisms and processes to resolve [security] breaches if they don’t know about them,” Rogers explains. “The TSA needs to be a lot smarter, leaner and tougher.”

Overall, Rep. Rogers says that he thinks the TSA has done an acceptable job based on the fact that there hasn’t been an attack on the U.S. in a decade. However, Rogers stresses that the issue needs to be resolved because “the fact is that the bad guys are way ahead of the curve in trying to find new and novel ways to get through” airport security.