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MME looks at the increasing role of social media in the Middle East.

Story highlights

  • Facebook will launch the long awaited IPO this week
  • MME examines the role of social media in the Middle East and its emerging position in business
  • MME talks to Fadi Ghandour, CEO and founder of Aramex, a global logistics company
IN FOCUS: Social media in the Middle East

Facebook is launching its long-awaited Initial Public Offering this week. With nearly a billion users the social networking site is hoping investors will dig deep to buy a stake in the company that has become a global phenomenon. Recently, the role of social media has increased sharply in the Middle East and, as MME found out, is becoming a crucial part of doing business.

FACETIME: Fadi Ghandour, CEO & founder, Aramex

Aramex is a global logistics company with its roots in the Middle East. With a revenue of more than $700 million and a presence in more than 60 countries, the company is competing with the likes of Fedex, DHL and UPS. MME sat down with the CEO and Founder Fadi Ghandour to talk about the new areas of growth, his retirement and how social media has affected his business.

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