When superyacht chic meets hybrid technology

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The Columbus Sport 130' Hybrid is the latest vessel from Palumbo Shipyards

Dual electrical and diesel engines reduce the ship's emissions and fuel usage

The vessel's designers aim to fuse superyacht chic with an eco-friendly design concept

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How does the wealthy boating enthusiast reconcile a passion for gas-guzzling superyachts with concern for the natural ocean environment?

Sure, powerful engines and deluxe on-board facilities ensure the lap of high seas luxury, but these extravagant features are usually powered by high fuel emissions and energy consumption.

But for the millionaire mariner with the planet’s best interest at heart, help will soon be at hand in the shape of the Columbus Sport 130’ Hybrid – a new 40 meter ship that aims to fuse superyacht chic with an eco-friendly design concept.

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Currently on the production line of Italian ship builder, Palumbo Shipyards, the lavish vessel is due for completion in August 2013 and will cost a cool $30 million upon delivery.

“The boat is really an innovative concept because (it) melds together very modern lines and high technology with environmentally friendly features,” says Giuseppe Palumbo, general manager of Palumbo Shipyards in Naples .

Palumbo explains that the vessel’s efficiencies are driven by twin electrical and diesel engines that combine performance to reduce emissions whilst simultaneously generating electricity for the ships myriad on board amenities.

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It also includes extra eco features such as a bilge water separator – a device that extracts oil from sea water entering the vessel’s engines before it is disposed back into the ocean.

An all aluminum exterior and lightweight skeletal structure meanwhile ensure the ship is as slight and sleek as possible, therefore taking less energy to power, he adds.

Although there may be other yachts that offer greater speeds or performance levels, the Sport 130’ Hybrid “enable(s) greater maneuverability,” cuts noise pollution and reduces overall “maintenance costs” – on top of the obvious environmental benefits, adds Palumbo.

But while the vessel may stand out because of its high-tech eco friendly features, Palumbo is quick to ensure that it doesn’t skimp on the traditionally ostentatious superyacht features as well.

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Four large cabins provide luxury accommodation for as many as eight guests at a time (served by seven crew members) while a spacious deck area ensures there is plenty of room for sunbathing, dining and partying come nightfall.

A custom made lounge area crafted by Italian interior design specialists, Hot Lab Studio, meanwhile includes a number of prominent glass windows that provide spectacular vistas of the surrounding seas.

Not only will this ensure that guests can enjoy panoramic ocean views, says Palumbo, but they will be able to do so safe in the knowledge that the environmental impact of their yachting extravagance is vastly reduced.