Remembering 'Swamp People' star Guist
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Thousands of fans of 'Swamp People' have shared thoughts about Mitchell Guist through social media

Viewers considered Guist to be a part of their family, Louisiana-born or not

Guist helped bring a "simple life" into the homes of viewers, commenters said

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When beloved “Swamp People” family member Mitchell Guist died Monday, tributes began pouring in for the Louisiana alligator hunter.

Guist was part of the reality TV show that has attracted viewers to its portrayal of the unique Cajun lifestyle, as seen through the eyes of people who make their living in the vast, mysterious landscape of Louisiana’s largest swamp, the Atchafalaya River Basin.

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The History Channel show’s Facebook page, already home to a loyal community of over 1 million viewers and fans, has been filled with memories of Guist from the show, why they loved to watch him and prayers for Guist’s brother, Glenn, who is also on the show.

Tammy Noah Whitten enjoyed watching the relationship unfold between the two brothers on the show. “I always loved watching ‘The Guist Brothers’!” she wrote. “They were so sweet together. Mitchell will be greatly missed. You could tell they had a very close relationship.”

Others loved to watch out for the brothers’ “shenanigans” week after week. Their relationship and hijinks helped to drive the show for many. Bernard Hendrix wrote, “We will all miss Mitch. He was something else. Along with Glenn they made you laugh about hunting or fishing, like the time they caught the gator. Or how Glenn would shoot Mitch squirrel hunting.”

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Linda Collins Barnes remarked on the Facebook page that Guist reminded her of her dad, while Shellie Poet wrote that “These good old boys were the best. They inspired a lot of people to live simple.”

The Cajun drawl could be felt emanating from the comments, no matter where the fans are watching the show. From Florida to Hawaii, thousands have and continue to share their thoughts.

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“I know we as fans have only seen a little snippet of Mitch’s life, but being from Louisiana myself, I felt like he could have easily been a part of our family,” Kenny Youngblood wrote. “May God watch over and comfort you, in your time of great loss.”

The Guist brothers forged a connection with viewers because of their simple way of life, laughter and advice about swamp living that translated for people about their own lives.

“You came into our homes every week and we got to know and love you and Glenn,” Tammy Savoie Asbury wrote. “Now you as gone and we will miss you so much. Y’all always made us laugh. So real and so down to earth, true Cajun people. You will be missed very much.”

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Prayers also poured in for Glenn as he navigates this difficult time without his brother. But remembering the laughter shared between brothers on the show is a recurring theme in the Facebook page’s tributes as they share condolences.

Many of the fans also wished Guist the best because he “passed on the swamp, doing what he loved,” according to the show’s Facebook prompt.

Pete Camp wrote a sentiment also expressed by many fans. “Enjoy That Swamp In The Sky…”

People also reached out on our own story about Guist’s passing. And while every comment may not be from a fan or viewer, commenter teacheralys shared his perspective.

“I have only occasionally watched the show but I do know this much…chances are, if you showed up on that man’s doorstep hungry, tired, and in need, he probably would have given you food and helped you to the best of his ability…no questions asked. I wonder about some of the haters making nasty comments…would they do the same?”

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