Dylan Stanley-Dougherty receives the maximum sentence allowed Monday under a plea agreement.

Story highlights

The Dougherty siblings are accused of taking part in a multistate crime rampage

They pleaded guilty and were sentenced in Colorado

They still face charges in Georgia and Florida

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A trio of siblings, who have already been convicted for part of an alleged multistate crime spree, are scheduled to be in a south Georgia courtroom Tuesday.

The three are accused of robbing a bank in Valdosta, Georgia, during their well-publicized 2011 cross-country flight from the law that started in Florida and ended in Colorado.

Lee Grace and Ryan Dougherty and half-brother Dylan Stanley-Dougherty were captured in Colorado after a shootout with police in August. They pleaded guilty and in April were sentenced there.

In Colorado, Stanley-Dougherty received a 32-year prison term, Lee Grace Dougherty was sentenced to 24 years and Ryan Dougherty got 18.

On Tuesday, the trio go before a judge in Georgia for charges they face in the bank robbery.

They also face charges in Florida where they allegedly shot at a police officer.

According to a timeline of events that officials provided, Ryan Dougherty was sentenced on August 1 in Volusia County, Florida, to 10 years’ probation and two years of community control monitoring for convictions on two counts of sending harmful information to a minor.

After the sentencing, he sent his mother a text message: “There’s a time for all of us to die.”

The next morning, an officer spotted the siblings speeding on a road in Zephyrhills, Florida. The trio did not pull over and instead led officers on a five-mile chase at speeds of 100 mph. Also they are accused of firing at an officer’s car during the chase, police have said.

The ankle bracelet that was supposed to monitor Ryan Dougherty was slashed and broken and the siblings escaped.

Later that day, some 200 miles north, the CertusBank in Valdosta was robbed.

During that robbery, three people dressed in black with masks entered the bank’s front entrance. Shots were fired at the ceiling, and everyone was told to get down, the FBI has said. At least one of the robbers had an assault rifle.

The nationwide manhunt ended on August 10 in Colorado when the the trio was spotted. The arrested was also preceded by high-speed car chase and gunfire.

Stanley-Dougherty delivered an emotional apology in the Colorado court before he was sentenced in April.

“I never intended to, I never tried to, I never wanted to hurt anybody,” he said, struggling to speak through tears. “It is true that I acted out of desperation, and I am sorry for the choices that I made. I wish I had done things differently. I truly am sorry to anybody that was involved.”