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Do you know where this photo was taken?

CNN will post a new photo each Monday morning and reveal the answer later that day

The photo might be related to a recent story -- or it could just be something unusual we found

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[Original post] Do you know where this photo was taken?

The event took place in Olympia, Greece, at the Temple of Hera, which is 2,600 years old.

The torch is scheduled to arrive Friday in England, where it will then begin an 8,000-mile relay throughout the United Kingdom before ending in London, the site of this year’s Summer Olympics.

Congrats to CNN.com reader “TranceArni” for being the first to answer correctly in our weekly photo challenge. The silver goes to “ramius,” and the bronze goes to “jenniferstep,” just a hair late.

[Updated 3:30 p.m. Monday, May 21] A magnitude-6.0 earthquake hit northern Italy on Sunday, killing at least seven people and displacing thousands.

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Each Monday morning, we’ll post a new photo and challenge you to tell us its origin. The photo might be related to a prominent news story or theme – or it might just be something that caught our eye.

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