Plaintiff's attorney apologizes about error in sex lawsuit against John Travolta

Actor John Travolta, 58, has been married to actress Kelly Preston for 20 years.

Story highlights

  • The attorney who filed a sex suit apologizes to John Travolta's attorney
  • An accuser was wrong about the date of an alleged groping incident, the attorney says
  • Still, the federal lawsuit filed by two massage therapists against Travolta will continue
  • Travolta's attorney says the actor denies the suit's accusations
The attorney representing two men suing John Travolta for alleged groping apologized Friday to Travolta's attorney for how one of the plaintiffs was wrong about the date of one alleged attack.
That plaintiff, identified as John Doe No. 1, will remain in the federal lawsuit but will be represented by a different lawyer, attorney Okorie Okorocha told CNN.
Travolta's attorney, Martin Singer, has said the actor denies the lawsuit's allegations that he groped two massage therapists while on their massage tables. The suit seeks $2 million in damages for each plaintiff.
"I want to apologize to Martin Singer. It must be very upsetting," Okorocha told CNN about how John Doe No. 1 provided the wrong date of January 16 for an alleged groping incident in a bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
"I believed I was on solid ground or I wouldn't have given the dates on any court papers or to Mr. Singer," said Okorocha, an attorney based in Pasadena, California.
John Doe No. 1 "needs a fresh lawyer to handle the case and we're working on that," Okorocha said. "He needs someone to handle the case who hasn't made any mistakes."
The current petition will be amended once the new lawyer is hired for John Doe No. 1, and that lawyer would rewrite the section relating to that client, Okorocha said.
John Doe No. 2 will still be represented by Okorocha and remain on the same lawsuit, the attorney said.
This week, Travolta's lawyer argued a time-stamped photograph and a