The countdown to Egypt's elections draw closer.

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Three weeks until elections yet Egypt and its economy are still in chaos

MME looks at the economic woes of Egypt and the ripple effect on its neighbors

MME examines if Jordan's Aqaba Container Terminal could become a vital trade route

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IN FOCUS – Egypt’s economic woes and the ripple effect

With less than three weeks before presidential elections, Egypt remains entrenched in chaos. A spate of recent violence has left the country politically unstable and the continuing power struggle is making a bad economy worse. MME takes a look at the growing economic woes facing Egypt.

As Egypt prepares to head to the polls, Syrians went to the ballot box this week, despite ongoing violence in the country. Over a year of unrest has had a massive impact on Syria’s economy and as MME found out, its neighbor Lebanon is also feeling the effects.

FACETIME – Soren Hansen, CEO, Aqaba Container Terminal

The Strait of Hormuz is a vital trade route, not only for the Middle East but for the entire global economy. But Iran’s frequent threats to close the strait have left many looking for an alternative option. That option may lie in Jordan and the Aqaba Container Terminal – especially for those wanting to do business with Iraq. This week MME spoke to CEO Soren Hansen about Aqaba’s growth strategy.

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