This morning, “Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien” is live at 7am Eastern. Today, Soledad talks with our panelists, CNN Contributors Will Cain, Roland Martin and “Twisted Sister” rocker/radio host Dee Snyder. Our panel will be talking about the following top stories:

* President Barack Obama makes history as the first sitting president to endorse same sex marriage. But will his position hurt Obama’s reelection chances?

* Lugar’s loss further polarizes U.S. Senate

* Dee Snyder talks about his new book “Shut Up and Give Me The Mic”

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[UPDATED 7:11am Eastern] Tony Perkins says it’s not a matter of rights when it comes to same sex marriage. Says it’s a much bigger issue than just two people who love each other

[UPDATED 7:05am Eastern] Tony Perkins says he thinks some in the Romney campaign may be celebrating because President Obama may have handed the election to them. Thinks we’ll see another election where gay marriage is center in the debate.

[UPDATED 7:03am Eastern] Mitchell Gold says he thinks President Obama will step up on gay marriage, says polling now and 6 months from now could be very different.