Summertime a hot time for USA Network

USA's new series, "Common Law," (left) will form a crucial part of USA's popular summer block, along with "White Collar."

Story highlights

  • New series "Common Law" is set to kick off USA network's 2012 summer line-up
  • USA's original series are often character-driven comedy-dramas set in beautiful locations
  • Bill McGoldrick, the executive VP of programming, said they are picking up edgier shows
When Entertainment Weekly published the first trailer of USA Network's new series "Common Law" in November on its website, readers were abuzz with excitement.
According to the synopsis, the show revolves around two quarreling Los Angeles homicide detectives, played by Warren Kole and Michael Ealy, who are ordered to go to couples therapy. While many were keen to see "Think Like a Man" star Ealy again, it appeared that most commenters were sure they would like "Common Law" because they knew what to expect.
"Another light-hearted show that is PERFECT on USA," one user, Tim Mahoney, said.
"I'll always give a USA Network show a chance and rarely have I been disappointed," another user named Kaiulani said.
Now, six months later, "Common Law" is set to kick off the network's 2012 summer line-up that includes returning shows "Royal Pains," "Burn Notice," "Suits," "White Collar," "Necessary Roughness" and "Covert Affairs."
The buddy-cop show, which will premiere at 10 p.m. ET Friday, will form a crucial part of USA's annual and popular summer block. The network even claimed that it "owns summer" in a recent news release. According to ratings tracker Nielsen, USA