On the rise: Immigrant entrepreneurs

Immigrants like Maribel Lieberman, who launched a company, are twice as likely to create firms than those born in the U.S.

By Jose Pagliery, CNNMoney

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Working for a new company? There's a more than one-in-four chance your new boss wasn't born here.
Immigrants created 28% of all new firms last year. They were also twice as likely to start a new business when compared to those born in the United States.
It's a notable shift. Nearly all new firms are small, and many are hiring new workers, seeking small business loans and shaking up established industries.
    What's behind the rise of immigrant entrepreneurs?
      For one, immigrants are over-represented in lower wage sectors like construction, which was hard hit during the economic crisis, according to Rob Fairlie, a professor at the University of California-Santa Cruz.