02:14 - Source: CNN
Barrasso: Biden 'amnesia' on Iran

Vice President Joe Biden has done it again. While trying to blame President George W. Bush for the nuclear build-up in Iran, instead he ended up blaming the U.S.

“When we took office, let me remind you, there was virtually no international pressure on Iran,” Biden says. “We were the problem. We were diplomatically isolated in the world, in the region…By going the extra diplomatic mile presenting Iran with a clear choice we demonstrated to the region and to the world that Iran is the problem not the United States.”

TheRomney campaign quickly fires back with this statement from policy director Lanhee Chen. “All too often, President Obama and his administration have sought to blame America first, yet Vice President Biden’s reckless statement today blaming America for, of all things, the progress of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, has reached a new low.”

Republican Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming is the Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee and a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He tells Soledad that Biden needs to stop blaming America, and says Biden may have selective amnesia about how the Bush administration confronted Iran.

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Barrasso: Iran trying to 'run out clock'