The life of a crooked politician

Updated 6:01 AM ET, Wed May 9, 2012
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Concealing criminal convictions in the UK, James Ibori rose to become governor of Delta State. Here, he receives gifts of fish, liquor and money from Ijaw villagers as he tours the western Niger Delta in 2003. JACOB SILBERBERG/AFP/Getty Images
Using embezzled funds, Ibori bought fleets of Rolls Royces, this $200,000 Bentley and a Maybach, as well as a private jet worth $20 million.
Ibori paid for this $3.5 milion Hampstead home in cash, and bought properties in Dorset, south west England and South Africa. Metropolitan Police
Nigerian politicians are immune from prosecution while in office but ,five years after his term as governor ended and after being extradited from Dubai, James Ibori, 49, was tried, convicted and sentenced to 13 years for embezzling millions of dollars of public money. Metropolitan Police