03:08 - Source: CNN
Rep. King: Drone attack and plot linked

A weekend drone attack by the U.S. against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula agent Fahd Mohammed Ahmed Al-Quso and a foiled terror plot are linked, Homeland Security Committee Chairman Rep. Peter King (R-NY) tells Soledad O’Brien on “Starting Point” this morning. This comes after a report was released yesterday that the CIA was able to stop a terrorist plot to blow up a plane in the u.S.

“I was told by the White House they are connected, they’re part of the same operation, and that’s why I said this operation is still ongoing,” Rep. King says.

A source says the Saudis provided a tip on the plot.

We’re also learning that the device is similar to that of the failed Christmas Day underwear bombing attempt nearly three years ago. The FBI says it’s now testing and analyzing the device to see if it could have passed through an airport metal detector. All of it - a sobering reminder of Al Qaeda’s threat.

In addition, CNN national security contributor Fran Townsend says Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula uses putty-type explosive that is non-metallic that may have been involved in the foiled plot.

02:16 - Source: CNN
Townsend: Plot suspect likely in custody