03:25 - Source: CNN
History of gay 'rehab' program for teens

The new documentary, “This Is What Love in Action Looks Like,” follows the story of the teenage boy Zach Stark and the controversial “refuge” program at the former “Love In Action” ministry.

The ministry, headed by John Smid from 1990-2008, preached that one could control homosexuality through Christianity.  Zach Stark’s parents sent him to the “rehabilitation” program after he came out to them in 2005. Stark’s secret blogs about the program sparked a nationwide protest against the ministry.

John Smid left “Love in Action” in 2008 and he has since said that he no longer believes that people can repent from homosexuality.

Today on Starting Point, Smid and Morgan Jon Fox, the director of the new documentary, sit down with Soledad O’Brien to discuss the project and to explain the ministry’s history.

To find out more about the documentary, visit http://www.livefrommemphis.com/loveinactionmovie.