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Bees Without Borders in Africa

Urban beekeeping. It’s been described as a surprisingly addictive trend – one that’s taking over rooftops from Manhattan to Shanghai. But few beekeepers have the global reach of Andrew Coté.

From the heights of New York’s most luxurious hotels to the far reaches of the African bush, Coté is spreading his fascination with bees

to people throughout the world.

He has his hands in many hives. He is a founder of both the New York City Beekeepers Association and Bees Without Borders, a charitable

organization teaching beekeeping as a means to alleviate poverty in third-world countries. He’s a beekeeping consultant to several private customers and businesses throughout New York and Connecticut, including the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, The Bridge Café and York Preparatory School.

Coté also maintains his own hives, bottling his honey to sell each week at the Union Square Farmers Market.

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Urban beekeeper in Manhattan

According to Cote, his New York City association was instrumental in overturning the city’s ban on beekeeping when, in 2010, he worked with the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene to write a best practices guide for tending hives in the five boroughs. Today, he offers year-round classes on responsible beekeeping and maintains a close relationship with city health inspectors, the New York

Police Department and the New York Fire Department as the go-to guy for city swarms and other bee-related problems.

Caring for bees is Andrew Coté’s passion, one that’s taken him literally around the world to share his love for these remarkable creatures. In the

process, he’s making all our lives a little greener – and a little sweeter.

And that’s what puts him on The Next List.

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