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Romney rep: Obama in over his head

President Obama is officially kicking off his re-election campaign. This week he’s launching a new ad in a number of key battleground states. Over the weekend, the President was fired up at two campaign rallies – taking on his likely Republican challenger Mitt Romney by name.

Romney’s campaign press secretary Andrea Saul says Romney can appeal to more women voters.

“When you look at Gov. Romney’s record, it’s one of leadership,” Saul says. “What we see with President Obama…is that he wasn’t ready.”

“He’s just in over his head. He doesn’t understand what it takes to get this economy going again,” She adds.

Saul also claims President Obama’s administration has not created any net new jobs in his term. Soledad challenges her, saying there was so much job loss when he came into the office that they’re rebuilding from there.

“I’m not counting from before he started. Since he started his presidency, he’s not created any jobs, not when you look at the full picture of the economy,” Saul says.

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Romney rep: Obama term hurts women most