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DCCC chair Israel on courting women vote

We are six long months away from the November presidential election. President Obama officially launched his campaign over the weekend. He traveled to two key battleground states, Ohio and Virginia. And he singled out the former Governor Mitt Romney by name.

New battleground polls from “Politico” and George Washington University show a dead heat between Romney and Obama, with 48% for Romney to 47% for Obama – all well within the margin of error.

When it comes to independents, it’s a little more interesting: Governor Romney has a 10-point lead,with 48% to Obama’s 38%.

New York Democratic Steve Israel, the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, says when President Obama makes his case to the voters, they’ll agree Obama should have a second term.

“I think at the end of the day, independents are going to make the decision to vote for the president and vote for House Democrats because they want someone who’s going to stand up for them. They want somebody who’s not going to be protecting their own perks and privileges as House Republicans have done. They want someone talking about strengthening the middle class. They don’t want somebody who’s going to vote for budgets to end Medicare in order to fund tax cuts to big oil companies,” Israel says.

CNN contributor Will Cain asked if Democrats are going to continue with the ‘war on women’ theme, and after a pause Rep. Israel says the question is who gets a better deal for either gender.

“Whether you’re a man or a woman, who is a better deal?” Israel asks. “Is the better deal a Republican Congress, a Tea Party Congress that has spent all of their time and energy trying to shut down Planned Parenthood offices or is a better deal a House Democrats and the president that’s relentlessly trying to figure out and exploring how to create new small businesses? At the end of the day, this is a choice between extremism and ideology. It’s to every single debate, or problem solving. We are, we’ve got problem solvers running for Congress all over this country.?

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DCCC chair: Independents will vote Obama